Thursday, March 27, 2014

re: A New Dialogue in Eretz Yisroel – The Transformative Model. By Binyomin Wolf

This is a puzzling aspect of Cross Currents that applies to a lot of what fills there pages, for Rabbi Wolfs suggestion to help it must be read, considered and adopted by the policy makers for the charidie world i think rabbi wolf himself realizes this whole proposition may be read by a YU Rosh Yeshivah or two, but the "real" gedolim that are dealing with this issue do not even read English and it is doubtful if they are capable of even grasping let alone implementing strategic diplomacy on such a complex level

That aside, the basic problem which seems to me to underlie this essay is it assumes there is a two sided conflict my experience as an avrech in yerushalim is that we have some askenim that try to whip up a frenzied siege mentality amongst the masses while the other side is just trying to fairly govern our fragile Jewish state, they do not see themselves or there core identity as at war or attacking the charadim, that is merely how the yated et-al try to project them. Therefor rabbi wolfs suggestions to try to deceive our "attackers" by putting on an air of cooperating with there efforts, while knowing that we can not and will not concede an inch will not accomplish anything on the practically as acceptance of any compromise offered to us is impossible.  What he writes in his penultimate paragraph is the only possible result of his strategy, now that is a worthy goal by itself but do not hold your breath for much else.

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  1. " it is doubtful if they are capable of even grasping let alone implementing strategics on such a complex level"

    i vehemently disagree with what you just said R chaim Kaniefsky actually read this article and right away remarked tosphos in two lines already says this entire idea beshem the medrash hanelam in meschtas kinim daf chuf gimel amud vav...