Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Re: The “Monsey Summit” – Round Two by Yitzchok Adlerstein


The upshot we should care about pain caused by bad community policy only if it causes people to leave if bear it and stay or are leaving over philosophical ideas let them suffer


  1. While I appreciate the opportunity that this website offers -- providing an antidote to the censorship on Cross-Currents, which I, too, have been a victim of -- I do think that two characteristics of this blog detract from its seemliness: (1) The moderator's poor display of English grammar -- a typical "chareidi" shortcoming which reflects poorly on the writer's education, and therefore detracts significantly from the credibility of the ideas being expressed; (2) an ungenerous, and often cynical tone, which I find to be artificially overblown for effect. Well, to this commenter, the "effect" is not a productive one.

    Insofar as this particular piece by Rabbi Adlerstein, if there was an election for such a position, I would gladly vote for him for "gadol hador." And if that sentiment is overblown, then at a minimum, R. Adlerstein is a most effective antidote to the off-putting hashkafos churned out by Cross-Currents' in-house idealogues, Messrs. Beckerman and Menken (who must be gnashing their teeth at this thoughtful essay by R. Adlerstein).

  2. regarding your criticism of my chariadi grammar you are 100% correct this is a shortcoming that reflects my lack of education in the charidie system (i try not to blame my bad current situation on my charadie upbringing but the fact is...also your second point of regarding my uber-cynical tone this may detract from my credibility, but i am an anonymous blogger who does not assert any authoritatively correct take on these issues and despite my ten plus years in lakewood style kollim i did not gain "das torah". so i make no credibility claims i just reflect my thoughts which have turned cynical much to my own angstalso if there was a gadol election i would vote for rabbi adlerstien but only because he would be such an improvement on what we currently have

    1. Cross currents comments, (sir? madam?), if it makes you feel any better one of my sister's has a PhD in Astrophysics, but has Dyslexia, so poor grammar is neither here nor there in my view. Also, if it helps one way of improving the site is to use the 'link' button on your writing screen (you copy the link into the field underneath and above you type in, say, 'this is the latest load of crap from cross currents'; people can click on that and it will take them to the article). This might make the posts a bit more tidier.