Monday, May 1, 2017

Re: The RBS Kerfuffle: Tempest in the Wrong Cholent Pot? by Yitzchok Adlerstein

The RBS Kerfuffle: Tempest in the Wrong Cholent Pot?
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  1. Always appreciate your articles R' Yitzchak. Whether I agree or not, it is refreshing to read a piece that doesn't scream at you and presents views in a well reasoned manner.

    I don't believe that the Israeli police are necessarily at fault for failing to arrest the lunatics. As we have seen, any arrest turns the perp into a hero, leading to more violence and disruption. The fault of the behavior of the RBS "fringe" (I wish it were that simple to dismiss them as such) clearly lies with the chareidi leadership. How many announcements have we heard and seen about cellphones, tznious, etc from all of the notable chareidi leaders over the years?? Countless. And these proclamations continue. Yet on this issue ... silence, which only emboldens this behavior to continue. I fear, and I doubt that I'm alone on this, that this is just not seen by the leadership as a big deal, certainly not as important an issue as cellphone use, skirt length and secular studies. Otherwise, we would not have any doubt as to whether announcements, pronouncements and the like have been made. If only the leadership would display the same ferocity against these animals and the chillul hashem caused by their behavior that they have shown against the other issues mentioned above...chaval

    PS - please do not bring any proof of action from chareidi proclamations against Peleg. Even a non-cynical person could readily argue that this is nothing more than a political fight for the hearts and minds of the chareidi public and votes.