Thursday, June 5, 2014

Re: Learning Torah Is Equal to them All by Yaakov Menken

Instead of lamenting that articles are not written romanticizing yeshiva how about asking the question why are they no longer being written

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  1. I posted this comment in response to YM replying to someone but he did not allow it to see the light:

    “[I didn't say he's a genius. For the rest of your argument, you will need to compare the study-to-shmooze ratio at university study sessions and library carrels. If we compare average to average (or superlative to superlative), the yeshiva guy remains far ahead, and not by a small margin. --YM]”

    My response: In university, most study what they need to and there is oversight. Exams are passed or failed and progress and attendance is recorded (and they can be withdrawn based on their record) and the person *pays* for their education. They produce a product and their product reflects on their reputation. There are no laws of loshon hora or mesira for universities to protect them. The good one’s can maintain themselves on their alumni who donate to them.

    Jewish Nobel prize winners for the most part aren’t frum and probably never had any connection to their heritage so what of it that they are technically Jewish? A non-Jew writing about Yeshiva is an outsider’s perspective which maybe why they can praise it so much. I have my personal experiences mixed with those of respected members of our community that you also know and they have a different view.