Thursday, June 12, 2014

Re: Why Kids’ Clothing Harms Women by Yaakov Menken


  1. More bizarre than his usual ramblings. Perhaps he hadn't had his coffee yet.

  2. "Be that as it may, the caller was outraged, not amused, and she threatens a boycott if the store won’t stop wasting their money trying to market clown costumes to the Orthodox Jews of Lakewood."

    How can you threaten to boycott someone for wasting their own money? After all, if they are wasting their money, they will harm their own business, and the boycott is unnecessary. And if she is concerned about their financial wellbeing, why would she try to boycott them?

    Besides that point, YM misses the many other examples FG brings of women being the "gatekeepers" of tznius in addition to that one phone call.